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In addition to making you fast, Bitbaza has much-needed features to help you work smarter, and learn to leverage the power domain experts to execute your tasks efficiently

Re-Think AI, We Bring Autonomous Agent

Unleashing the Power of Autonomous Agents

Our AI agents are designed to perform tasks for you, elevating your productivity and growth. Our Autonomous Agent Marketplace has a range of agents to help you with marketing, trading, sales, project management, compliance, and more.

User-Centered and Ethical AI

Our autonomous agents aren't preset. You have the power to create custom agents that align with your needs. Every agent undergoes human verification and adheres to our strong focus on ethical guidelines.

Easy Integration, Outstanding Results

We've made it simple to integrate with multiple API connections to SaaS products, DeFi protocols, Dapps, NFT Marketplaces. Domain experts can easily spin up autonomous agents and monetize their expertise.

Discover the possibilities

No idea? No problem! Bitbaza has a library of agents and templates to help you get started and learn along the way.

There's more...


Enhance agents with plugins to make them more powerful


Interact with AI also using familiar chat interface


Got a good prompt or agent idea? Lets deploy it


Agents that will use reasoning process to accomplish advanced tasks


Collection of curated recipes to help you hit the ground running


Collaborate with your team. Improve results within your organization

About Us

We are BitBaza.io, a trusted partner for top-tier projects like Router Protocol, Polybase.xyz, and Velvet Capital. We're committed to providing exceptional growth solutions and pioneering the industry with the world's first Autonomous Agent Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Autonomous Agents?

Autonomous agents are AI entities that can perform tasks on your behalf, allowing you to focus on more critical aspects of your business. They are customizable and can handle a variety of tasks such as marketing, trading, sales, project management, compliance, and more.

How are Autonomous Agents different from other AI tools?

Unlike other AI tools that merely assist you with tasks, our autonomous agents are designed to perform the tasks for you. This can greatly enhance productivity and efficiency, freeing up your time for other important areas of your business.

What is BitBaza.io's focus on Ethical AI?

At BitBaza.io, we are committed to ethical AI practices. Every autonomous agent goes through a human verification process and is tested for functionality and adherence to ethical guidelines before it is made available on our platform.

How does the Autonomous Agent Marketplace work?

Our marketplace is designed to be user-centered and flexible. You can choose from a range of pre-set autonomous agents, or use our simple tools to create your own. This allows for customization and efficiency that is unparalleled in the industry.

Can I really make money with Autonomous Agents?

Yes, domain experts can easily create and monetize their own autonomous agents on our marketplace. Plus, each autonomous agent gets an EVM-compatible wallet, allowing creators to be compensated both in fiat and crypto.

How can I join the BitBaza.io community?

You can join our community by purchasing a membership for $129. This gives you early access to our marketplace, builder tools, job alerts, VC/Hedge Fund lists, networking opportunities, and more.