of public conversations to pinpoint just those that are relevant to you

AI Social Monitoring's AI scans millions of public conversations to pinpoint just those that are relevant to you

Social Feeds

As a brand, monitoring your social feeds is essential to understanding and engaging with your audience. Social media provides a direct line of communication between you and your customers, and ignoring it could mean missing out on valuable feedback and opportunities for growth. Lucky you don't have to scroll through millions of conversations yourself.

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web3 is here to stay and community centred businesses are springing up. It's important to understand the pulse of the market in real-time and to engage with relevant users in communities other than your own!

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PR Sources, Cloud Marketplaces and Forums

Gather customer insights and competitor/domain intelligence from PR sources and Forums. Manage reputation online too! By the way, you can leverage the listener to strike deals by monitoring cloud marketplaces.

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Increase Brand Awareness and Manage Reputation with 100x less time spent

Social media gives everyone a platform to share their opinions and experiences with the world, and it's important to be aware of what they're saying about your brand or even related topics. Monitoring social feeds with precision without all the heavy lifting, allows you to identify potential opportunities early on and respond promptly, helping you maintain and improve your brand awareness.

Deeper Market Insights on Customers and Competitors

By monitoring social feeds, you can gain valuable insights into what anyone is saying about your products and services, as well as what they value most. This information can help you make informed decisions about future products, promotions, and marketing campaigns.

Social media provides a wealth of information about your competitors and the industry as a whole. Monitoring your competitors' social feeds along with what is being spoken about them, can give you valuable insights into their strategies and help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Skyrocket customer advocacy by pairing Listener with Follower Incentives

By monitoring and responding to conversations where there is relevant on social media or communities, you can increase awareness and engagement. This increased engagement can also lead to increased customer loyalty and advocacy. makes it easy for you to show appreciation for your most loyal followers and keep them engaged. Set up rewards for specific actions, like interacting with specific posts or tagging your brand in a relevant conversation. Automatically track the impact of your followers' actions. Easily distribute rewards in Crypto or Fiat to your followers.